love countdown: ten romantic movies

Roman Holiday

today, i'd love to hear what some of your favorite romantic movies are! here are mine, just for fun, and in no particular order...

roman holiday my favorite movie. so sweet and heartbreaking.

the notebook you know you secretly love it.

ghost unchained melody. need i say more?

moulin rouge voulez-vous couchez avec moi?

jane eyre you already know of my love for this movie. it's so good!

a room with a view funny, and romantic.

casablanca a classic.

romeo and juliet the 1968 version, of course

titanic yes, it's true. this happened to be on tv the other night when steve was at work, and i watched the entire thing! i sobbed for the last hour and a half. poor jude is starting to realize that his mom is neurotic. (are you going to see it in 3-D?)

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Ace and Waleena...Two people, actually said...

Will have to pick up Roman Holiday at the library for our Valentine's entertainment...thanks for the tip. I love the movie "African Queen" with Katharine Hepburn...maybe not exactly romantic, but a fun movie. Have a happy Valentine's day.

Ace and Waleena...Two people, actually said...

We did watch Roman Holiday last night. Audrey Hepburn is the most beautiful actress ever! The movie was such fun...thanks for blogging about it...I had forgotten all about it. Have you seen Funny Face? Not a fabulous plot, but just to see A.H. dance was enough for me. j.

elise said...

so glad you enjoyed it! i have seen funny face, but not for some years...i'll have to check it out again!