love countdown: your love language

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today i want to talk about your love language. have you ever read the book the five love languages by gary chapman? sounds a little cheesy, i know. when steve and i were dating, every time he would tease me, or i would say something mean sarcastically, but secretly mean it (please, you know you do it, too), my roommate would say, "guys...i don't think that's one of the five love languages!" we had no clue what she was talking about, until she explained that it was a book that she had to read for a marriage & family class. well, she got us the book as a wedding gift as sort of a joke, and it's been sitting on a book shelf ever since. well, the other night, i was perusing our bookshelf for a good read when i spotted it. intrigued (and missing said roommate), i opened it, began reading, and actually found it helpful. i normally steer clear of books of that sort, but this one's not terrible. it's mostly common sense information, that we [should] already know, but never hurts to hear. chapman says that we each have our own primary love language, and learning to speak our spouse's love language is important in maintaining a relationship. the five love languages include words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, physical touch, and acts of service. do you know what your love language is? do you know what your spouse's is? (it's okay, i don't expect you to tell me...just something to think about).

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