valentine's tea

valentine's day is six days away! do you have any plans? have you sent out your valentines? my step-mom introduced my sisters and i to something that she did with her daughters, called cupid's tea. a few weeks before valentine's day, she would gather lots of craft supplies, and prepare a tea party complete with heart-shaped sandwiches, gourmet hot cocoa, and tea cookies. you enjoy a delicious valentine's tea, and when you're done eating, you make homemade valentines for all your loved ones! what a great way to celebrate the holiday, and get all of your valentines done, right? i feel like this would still be fun as an adult though, don't you? i would love to get together with my sisters or girlfriends and have a grown-up version of cupid's tea. so, here's some inspiration for hosting your own vanetine's tea:

tea supplies

valentine supplies


Ace and Waleena...Two people, actually said...

It so warms my heart to know that you remember Cupid's Tea...how I wish you and your sisters could come over for a tea party in your jammies for Valentine's Day!

Love and miss you!


elise said...

j, i wish we could too!