a breakfast tip

 “paperweight on my backcover me like a blanketmess up my bed with mekick off the covers i’m waiting”
-joshua radin & schuyler fisk [paperweight]

in an effort to be healthy, in shape, and more energized, steve and i have been eating oatmeal for breakfast. every. day. i like oatmeal, but after a few weeks of nothing but oatmeal, i found myself longing for the cocoa puffs stashed away in the pantry. so you know what i started putting in my oatmeal instead of the standard old brown sugar (or agave nectar, if you're steve)? coffee creamer. it. is. so. good. now oatmeal is never boring. my favorite is sweet cream by international delight. throw some bananas in there, pour yourself a glass of OJ and you're set. seriously...best breakfast ever.

image via meg

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Ace and Waleena...Two people, actually said...

Sounds yummy, but so does plain old cream, a pat of butter, some brown sugar and chopped, toasted almonds. Glad you had a great trip and can't wait to hear more about it! Love, J.