so. i promised a new parenthood post and and a recap of my seatlle trip this week, and neither of them happened! i'm so sorry! here's what did happen...


jude caught hand, foot, and mouth disease! sound disgusting? it is. he came down with a high fever, was really whiny, and sleepy all day, and the next day, red, blister-ish spots start popping up all over his feet and hands. so we take him to the doctor, and he tells us its pretty common for kids to get it, and he probably picked it up from another child. adults rarely get it, so we shouldn't worry, and all we can do is wait it out for about a week.

well, guess which adult caught it? me. the next day i came down with a high fever, was really whiny and sleepy, and my body ached all over! my head was pounding, and i literally spent the day laying on the couch. then the red lesions start showing up. first in my throat, then on my hands, then on my feet. they're still with me today. imagine having a dozen painful blisters lining your esophagus. it's like strep throat on crack. thankfully, the fever and headache and general crappy feeling is gone, but the "blisters" are still all over me! and jude! it's awful. so there's my excuse. i hope to be back next week with some more uplifting posts, but until then, i'll be treading lightly as to not rupture the boils on my feet.

have a good weekend!

image above: my niece, olivia when she was a tiny one. isn't she a sweetie?


Natalie said...

If it makes you feel any better, Emmeline (Katie's baby) got it and then Connor got it too! So much for adults not getting it, right? I hope you feel much better quickly!

Robyn said...

That sounds awful! I hope you feel better soon!

Ace and Waleena...Two people, actually said...

Boy, talk about empathy, Elise...this is just a little too much! Hoping that you both feel better soon!
That, by the way, is my very favorite photo of Olivia, ever.