let's get away away: to the beach

around this time of year, when the weather starts turning, and the grass morphs from yellow to green, i start getting jittery for spring! and then i jump ahead to summer, and imagine myself laying on the beach, salt on my lips, sand in my hair, tan on my skin... and then i remember i live in cache valley, utah. and i'm landlocked. being a drive away from the ocean is probably one of the things i miss most about virginia. so today's post is all about escaping to the beach! will you be going to the beach this summer (or spring break)? if you are, send my love! and until then, here's some inspiration:

salty beach hair
A hammock on the beach - what a perfect place to be!  <3

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packing list:

pretty beach towels | a chic sun hat | a comfy dress that doubles as a cover-up | anchor's aweigh swimsuit | a striped tote that holds everything and keeps your stuff sand-free | drinks to keep you cool between dips in the ocean | a good read | sunglasses (of course) | flat espadrilles to wear in the sand and on the boardwalk

The beach at #ConeyIsland during sunset. #Brooklyn, New York City.
i just want to be at the beach right now.

images: found via pinterest, a beach cottage, and original photos taken by me


Ace and Waleena...Two people, actually said...

We just, just, just got back from the beach at Carmel, and I am telling you, there is nothing as beautiful as the ocean...even if the weather is not particularly warm. Two hours away at the most. Come on over and we'll go together! xxoo j.

tawny said...

or just come to hawaii. (: