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the other day, we had some friends over for hot dogs and s'mores and we started talking about how when we all graduate and get our own houses, the first thing we're going to do is get a sweet little puppy (and then a hot tub, but that's beside the point). as a mom, i like making homemade food for little jude, and when i get a dog, i'd like to do the same. Homemade dog food is an awesome website with dozens of healthy homemade dog food recipes, both cooked, and uncooked. i love it! i don't like feeding jude processed food, so why would i want to feed it to my beloved pup? The site has great tips and information on the best foods for dogs, and even an Easy cooked dog food recipe if you just can't stomach feeding your dog raw meat. honestly, for pet owners, this website is genius.


side note: i don't generally write sponsored posts, but when i do, it's because i truly appreciate a product or company, and i want to share it with you, my readers.

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