relationships: age

hey guys! today, i want to get your take on the phrase, "age is just a number"...is it? do you think there should be a cut-off age-gap limit? or do you think the "half your age plus seven" trick is a good rule of thumb? if you're in a relationship, what's the age gap between you and your partner? do you have a preference when it comes to dating older or younger? or, is age really just a number?


i'll tell you my thoughts after the jump! (and i'd love to hear yours!)
i was always light-years ahead of most people my age, so i always knew i'd end up with an older man (hah). no, but really, i always saw myself with someone my age or maybe a year or two older, but i ended up dating both older and younger. steve is actually almost five years older than i am, and it really has no major effect on our relationship, other than him insisting on showing me tons of 80's movies i've never seen before, and saying words like "rad" and "golly" (but that might just be steve :) so, for us, anyway, age really is just a number. i think  every relationship is different, and as long as you're both happy, who cares?

so...what about you? thoughts?


Ace and Waleena...Two people, actually said...

I have always understood that men die younger then women, so the logical thing to do is to marry a younger man. I have never taken my own advice, however. Apparently I am like Alice, who gives herself very good advice but very seldom follows it.

Ruth said...

I often feel intimidated by people who are older than me. Maybe that's why I ended up marrying someone younger. Matt's only 2 years younger than me though, so I don't think it really makes a difference. We're basically the same age.

prerna pickett said...

Cameron and I are 2 years and seven months apart exactly. I like our age difference. I,too, always wanted to end up with someone 'older'. Although, guys usually peak at the age of fifteen and stay that way for most of their adulthood.