pregnancy: morning sickness

morning sickness. in many cases the first obvious sign that you're pregnant. did you have it? can it last all day? can it last your entire pregnancy? the answers, and my own experience below...


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i never really had morning sickness with jude. i threw up a few times (while brushing my teeth, on the airplane, and when i was in labor), but altogether it was only like, four times, so i really can't complain. but about three quarters of women experience "morning sickness." and yes, the nauseous feeling can last all day, but is usually more potent in the morning, and tends to recede throughout the day (hence the name morning sickness). for a lot of women, morning sickness tends to ease up when the second trimester kicks in, but not for everyone. i have a friend who threw up everyday for nine months. yikes. and like every other weird pregnant thing, there isn't any real explanation for it.

some tips for nauseated mamas... as much as you don't want to, eating will help ease nausea, and coconut water is supposed to work wonders. also, try waving a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol in front of your nose. weird, i know, but the nurse tried it with me when i was in labor, and it made a world of difference!

so, did you have morning sickness? how long did it last? what foods taste better coming up? (kidding). do  you have any helpful hints for other moms suffering from morning sickness? i'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Ace and Waleena...Two people, actually said...

Never morning sick one day during three pregnancies...still I loved carrying around oyster crackers to nibble. j.

Ruth said...

I had horrible morning sickness my first pregnancy. It started at about 8 weeks and lasted the whole rest of my first trimester. It was horrible at first. It was hard to get up off the couch to go to the bathroom. In the shower I couldn't stand the whole time. It would last all day and nothing I tried helped at all. It gradually got better and better, lasting less and less of the day until I was about 16 weeks pregnant. Then I felt fine the rest of my pregnancy. And I had a C-section without going into labor, so no nausea then.
My second pregnancy I had some morning sickness during the first trimester but it was really mild and it didn't stop me from doing any of my regular activities. During early labor I felt sick like I was going to throw up once and that was it.
I talked to a woman recently who said she always gets some anti-nausea medication from her doctor when she's pregnant and it's the only thing that works. But, I don't remember what kind she said it was.

Meesh said...

My experience was similar to Ruth's. I felt like I was going to throw up everytime I stood up, and just the smell of food would make me gag (I didn't cook my entire first trimester). Luckily it ended with my first trimester. I threw up like 7 times in total so not bad.