parenthood: how much do you pay the babysitter?

hey guys! for today's parenthood post, i'd love to know how much you pay your babysitter...

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or maybe not exactly that, but what's the going rate? to be honest, i have no clue. we're lucky enough to have wonderful friends close by who babysit for free the few times we ever leave the house without jude. but we're thinking of looking around for a paid babysitter so we don't have to burden our friends, and so steve and i can go on more date nights (or go out with said friends). the problem is, i have no clue what to even expect when it comes to babysitting rates. i don't even know how much i charged when i babysat as a teenager! is there some sort of rule or code, or is it just what you think is fair? i'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Sara said...

I'm really just curious what other people will say.

Back when I babysat a good price was between 3 and 5 dollars an hour, plus a little extra per child. So, if there's more kids add on maybe $1 or $1.50 for each additional kid. I never had a going rate though, I would just take what they paid me. :P