seattle trip: part 2

hey guys! hope you had a great fourth of july week! funnily enough, we had a little bit of car trouble on the third (right as we cleaned out our fridge), and ended up ordering takeout on the fourth. nothing says happy birthday, america! like some won-ton soup and sesame chicken. anyway, the car got fixed today, thanks to my handy husband, so we're all set to load up on groceries. but i'm here because i wanted to share part two of our trip to seatlle! so, without further ado...

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 this time around, we were house and dog-sitting for steve's aunt in bellevue, so we spent a lot of time exploring the area, going to parks, shopping, and eating at places like pagliacci's pizza, what the pho! (really) and the world famous top pot doughnuts. we also saw snoqualmie falls, just a short drive from where we were...

it was gorgeous.

 we also drove out to the little town of poulsbo, which is a few hours west of seattle, and full of norwegian charm
...charm and chocolate that is. we had to pick up some kvikk lunsj (quick lunch), which is like a kit kat, only with norwegian chocolate (which 100x better).
there were lots of little shops (some with viking ships painted on them), and we picked up a few souvenirs like some handmade norwegian blocks for jude, and a grilling apron for steve (with the norwegian flag on it, of course).

on our way home, we decided to take a detour, and explore the peninsula for a day or two. rather than staying in a hotel, we stayed in a little cabin on the shores of crescent lake, a gorgeous blue lake surrounded by evergreens.
after stopping in port angeles, where we had the best steak i've ever tasted in my life, we head to...
 where they have definitely capitalized on the twilight saga. forks was even smaller and dumpier in real life.
 and did i mention they've capitalized on the twilight saga? seriously, twilight paraphernalia everywhere. these signs were in the little diner we stopped at for breakfast.
we drove around the entire peninsula stopping at a few beaches like la push, and beautiful ruby beach, complete with driftwood and cool rocks.

 jude was in heaven, considering his undying love for, and amusement with rocks.

and then we hit the road home, which was a long, long drive, but we made it back in one piece.

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