what i'm reading: life of pi

it's been ages since i've told you what i'm reading, and that's probably because i haven't sat down and read an actual book in, well...ages. but i went to the used  bookstore a few weeks ago and one of the books i got was life of pi. have you read it? i have a friend who read it my freshman year of college, and couldn't put it down, so when i saw it, i thought of him, and decided to give it a try. i'm like, four pages into it, so i can't tell you my thoughts about it yet, but i will. what are you reading these days?

p.s. i just found out they're making a movie of the book, set to hit theaters in november of this year. good timing for me!

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Ruth said...

Coincidentally I have not read anything in ages either, but just picked up When the Tripods Came, prequel to the Tripods trilogy. It's really good. I would definitely recommend it.
I read Life of Pi. For some reason I thought it was nonfiction, so as I was reading and realized it was fiction it didn't seem nearly as good anymore.