where do you live?

right now, steve, jude and i live in a little town in northern utah called hyde park. but it's not where we plan to end up. we're here now to finish up school, and then we're off to...we have no idea yet! it's an on-going discussion for us. originally, i guess i had always planned on moving back to the D.C. area, and steve was absolutely set on heading back up to seattle, but now we just don't know. we've thought of tons of places we don't want to live :) but coming to a compromise on where we move after college will be difficult. right now, we both feel pretty open, and would really be happy (almost) anywhere.  i've always wanted to live in manhattan, and would still give it a try even with kids, but steve is swayed much more toward the suburbs.


what about you? do you have a preference when it comes to the city, suburbs, or countryside? do you want to live near the ocean, the mountains, on the west coast, on the east coast, in the south? where do you live now? is it where you want to stay? would you be open to moving around? i'm so curious!

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prerna pickett said...

San Diego! It's beautiful and clean and warm. Or Boston, it's my mom's favorite US city.

Meesh said...

It's pretty nice being married to someone that is from the same place. We both want to stay here on the east...maybe a little further out where we can get a real yard, but this is where both our roots are, and where both our families are. Of course the real question when determining where to live is where you can get the best job, and makes the most sense financially. For us job security is the first priority and being close to our families is next.