50 things to do before summer is over

can you believe we're a week into august already? why is it that we (i) dread the end of summer? when august starts, i always feel the unquenchable urge to stop time -- or at least slow it down. but fall comes too soon, and before you know it, we'll be sipping cider and carving pumpkins. but we still have a good few weeks before all that! so, to make summer last longer, here are a few suggestions of things you (i) can do before we tuck our swimsuits away in drawers, squeeze those last few drops of suntan lotion out of the bottle...

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  1. have an outdoor dinner party
  2. fly a kite
  3. make popsicles
  4. sell lemonade
  5. stargaze
  6. go on a road trip
  7. camp
  8. read a classic
  9. eat watermelon
  10. make s'mores
  11. make giant bubbles
  12. go to the zoo
  13. feed the ducks
  14. eat corn on the cob
  15. write a poem
  16. jump off the high dive
  17. explore a nearby city
  18. run through the sprinkler
  19. hike
  20. learn a new language
  21. make friendship bracelets
  22. color with sidewalk chalk
  23. have a bonfire
  24. light fireworks
  25. watch the olympics
  26. watch the sunset from your front porch
  27. catch fireflies
  28. make a  slip 'n slide
  29. drink from the hose
  30. bike everywhere
  31. go canoeing
  32. have a water balloon fight
  33. eat hot dogs
  34. wade in the ocean
  35. go to a baseball game
  36. perfect the art of eating sunflower seeds
  37. pick fresh fruit
  38. try to fry an egg on the sidewalk
  39. go to an amusement park
  40. get a sandal tan
  41. go to a concert
  42. start that novel you've always wanted to write
  43. make drip castles
  44. catch a fish
  45. swing on a rope swing
  46. watch a movie outdoors
  47. go on a road trip
  48. climb a tree
  49. make homemade ice cream
  50. lay by the pool

images: top two take by me, bottom two images via meg

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