last year, i shared with you my personal experience about september eleventh (you can read it here). it's something i can never forget. for those of us who lived through it, we witnessed a huge event in history, and are lucky enough to tell our children and grandchildren about it. we will never be able to forget the innocent lives that were lost that day. no matter our current political or economic circumstance, we are still hugely blessed to live in a country where our forefathers had the incredible foresight to build a free country unmatched by any other. as we remember that fateful day eleven years ago, i hope we're still fighting for a country that upholds the constitution and respects the laws that make the united states free. that's something we can't afford to ever forget.

A New York City police officer salutes at the North Pool. (Getty)
a nyc police officer salutes the 9/11 memorial pool

A woman touches the names of 911 victims inscribed around the North Pool. (Getty)
a woman touches the names inscribed on the 9/11 memorial in nyc

Eliza Peterson holds a flag near the name of her uncle, Norman Rossinow. (AP)
Eliza Peterson holds a flag by her uncle, Norman Rossinow

People bow their heads in prayer during a memorial service at the Pentagon. (Getty)
people bow their heads in prayer during a memorial service at the pentagon

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