what i'm reading

so, i finished life of pi, and thought it was phenomenal. i also finished rereading all seven books in the chronicles of narnia, and now, steve and i are reading les miserables together! it is so good, and better than any movie rendition out there (of course). have you read it?

p.s. are you going to see tom hooper's newest rendition, set to premier this christmas? i'll  be honest...i don't see hugh jackman as jean valjean. and i secretly (or not so secretly) hate anne hathaway.

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Lindsey said...

I loved Les Mis! I read the unabridged version and it took me several Christmas/Spring/Summer breaks to get through it. Best two years of my life! Haha. I'd recommend the abridged version--he goes off on a lot of random tangents, bless his heart.