just a reminder...

do you ever scroll through pinterest and think, "wow, so-and-so must really have it all together...she works out, she has a spotless house, and she knows 50+ ways to entertain a toddler indoors!" i do it all the time. and the truth is, (unfortunately), we aren't always what we pin.

if you follow me on pinterest, you know how much i love the site (and not just pinterest....dozens of blogs, and websites). but i see so many great ideas and inspiration that sometimes i feel overwhelmed. i feel like i should be making chocolate buttermilk cookies for dessert every night, or that there's no excuse for my garbage disposal not to smell like lemons. the problem is, sometimes i'm so overwhelmed by everything, that i end up actually doing (close to) nothing. and when i do complete a project (like finally making a teepee for jude's room!) i feel like if i talk about it, it makes me look like it's something i just did, no big deal. but the truth is, in order to get it done, jude watched way too much yo gabba gabba, and ate ramen noodles and frozen peas for dinner -- while watching yo gabba gabba.

no one has it all together all the time (martha stewart is a felon, remember?) i'm not saying you shouldn't strive to be a better parent, have a clean house, or cook meals for your family. but most of what we see on blogs and websites is simply the finished product, not the work in progress.


Robyn said...

Love this! So true.

Ace and Waleena...Two people, actually said...

Very true, and any way, making the project should be part of enjoying the project. It should give satisfaction all along the way. We should all create because that is what makes a woman happy. President Uchtdorf said so! :) J.