parenthood: would you ever use cloth diapers?

when i was pregnant steve was totally into the idea of using cloth diapers. they're natural, better for the environment, we wouldn't need a diaper genie...but then jude was born

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Sara said...

We actually recently switched to cloth. It really isn't bad at all! They're not significantly harder than disposables. We're using the flip diaper system (by cottonbabies) all it is are inserts and covers, you just set the insert inside the cover and put it on like a disposable diaper (you can get either snaps or velcro). One thing I really like about it is the diapers are adjustable for size. So, they can fit from 7 to 35 lbs. Awesome-sauce! We also can still use our diaper champ deluxe as a diaper pail. win-win!