relationships: how did you meet your significant other?

i always like to ask other couples how they met when steve and i are at parties or gatherings. it's a perfect ice breaker, people love talking about it, and it's always interesting to hear about. so, of course, i want to ask you...how did you meet your current boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancee, spouse...lover?

read our story below...

i first met steve...at work. boring, right? i met him his first day. i was covering a break on the cash register, and he had to introduce himself to three employees during orientation. i was one of them. after that, i didn't see him for months...i worked nights, he worked mornings. but when holiday season kicked into gear, he started picking up more and more shifts in the evenings. whenever he passed, he would always say hi, even though we had never had an actual conversation. on my last day before heading home for christmas, he commented on my red shoes as we were clocking out of the store at midnight. i thought to myself, "don't waste your time, i'm leaving tomorrow, and i'm not coming back to this job when i get back." well, i ended up coming back when the interviews i had lined up fell through. i saw him at work all the time, and we would talk from time to time in the break room.

one day, i was hanging out with some friends from virginia, and in walks steve! turns out he was their roommate! it caught me off guard...it was like two worlds colliding. he said he sat in his room for an hour, deciding if he should come out and talk to me. in the end, he decided he would, but by the time he came out, i had fallen asleep on the couch! (i was seriously the lamest person to hangout with). the very next day, my roommate and i passed him on our way up to campus. my roommate asked me who he was, and was like, "you should date him." unbeknownst to me, his roommates were the saying the same to him.

so, a few weeks later, he asked me out. i had to refuse. he asked me out the next week, and i refused again (i had to work)! he said after that, he said he wasn't going to embarrass himself by asking again, but his roommates convinced him to ask me one more time. thankfully i was free and said yes! i'll tell you about our first date some other time :)

so, now's the part i really want to hear! how did you meet your current significant other? childhood friends? college sweethearts? i really want to know!

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