week of 'ween: seven spooky flicks


week of 'ween is back! and to kick things off, i'd love to share seven creepy movies perfect for a late halloween night, after all the trick-or-treaters are in bed...

this was so hard to narrow down to only seven. i went through a scary movie phase (as a teenager trying to get my love interests to hold my hand), and have seen a lot of scary movies. there are some good ones out there (and some super lame ones), but here are my recommended top seven ultimate halloween movies:

Dracula sets the standard for vampires everywhere.
Night of the Living Dead the birth of the modern zombie.
Psycho the reason we check behind the shower curtain when we're home alone.
Poltergeist it's not halloween without a good old haunted house.
Halloween as if the name wasn't enough...
Silence of the Lambs "hello, clarice..."
The Shining stephen king + jack nicholson = redrum.

interesting tidbits: did you know jack nicholson adlibbed the famous line, "here's johnny" in the shining? also, michael myers' mask in halloween is actually a captain kirk mask spray painted white!



prerna pickett said...

i really like Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp.

Ace and Waleena...Two people, actually said...

Although not scary, my favorite Halloween movie has always been "Arsenic and Old Lace" with Cary Grant. We used to watch it every year.

Do try it Elise!

elise said...

i've seen it, actually, a long time ago, and have been trying to remember the name of it. i will definitely be watching. thanks!