week of 'ween: six creative ways to carve a pumpkin

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today i'd like to share six creative ways to carve a pumpkin in case you have carver's block, or in case you're tired of the regular old jack-o-lantern...

worm infested creepy. and you don't have to clean out all the guts!

brains why didn't i think of this?

tooth pick teeth so much easier than carving out little jack-o-lantern teeth

fishy pumpkin woah. i also love the black cat next to it.
Fishy Halloween Pumpkins

hairy pumpkin yeah...not all jack-o-lanterns are bald!
Hairy Halloween Pumpkins

cannibal pumpkin i've always loved this idea. doesn't he just look mean?

my favorite is the worm infested! have you carved pumpkins yet?

top image via laser bread on flickr

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Sara said...

What neat ideas! We're planning to carve our pumpkins on Monday. :)