parenthood: sharing a room

today i want to know your take on shared rooms. did you share a room growing up? do you want your kids to? my thoughts below...

when we were kids, my little sister and i always shared a room. i was fifteen when i got my own room, and i loved having my own space, but i missed having someone to talk to at night. as a matter of fact, my sister slept in my bed for about a year after we made the switch to separate rooms. in the summertime, when my older sisters would come home from college, the four of us would all sleep on the sectional in the basement. even now, when i go home, i have the urge to camp out in the basement and watch the cosby show with my sister until we fall asleep.

so, i want my kids to share a room. one, because i don't want to own a house with a lot of bedrooms (more vacuuming, dusting, etc), two, because it helps kids learn to share/work together, and three, because the best times to talk seem to be when you're laying in bed. i want them to develop a relationship with each other (without mom or dad forcing them to). not to mention i think it helps kids keep each other in check as far as late night texting, sneaking out, and other dreaded teenage stuff goes.

so what about you? would you make your kids share a room? is it something you've even thought about before? more beautiful shared bedrooms below:

Design by Turquoise

Design by Amanda Nisbet

Muse Interiors

Design by Liz Williams Interiors


canadian house and home

Design by Colleen Locke, Photograph by Patrick Klein, from Lonny Mag March-April 2011

images via birch&lily


prerna pickett said...

I love that I have two boys grouped together and two girls grouped together because it makes sharing rooms so much easier. Most nights I can hear Logan and Dylan whispering to each other during bedtime...and they have a bunk bed but choose to share one bed, switching from the top bunk to the bottom one every now and then. I can't wait until Sameera is old enough to move into her room with Adhira...and I love decorating their rooms as well!

Robyn said...

I shared a room growing up too. I remember when I finally was old enough to move downstairs with my older sister she cried because I was so messy. It worked out well though because she just threw all of my junk on my side of the bed and our room looked clean :) It was lots of fun and some of my favorite memories are chatting all night. However, we were both excited when our older brother went on his mission and we finally got our own rooms!

I think I'll have my boys share a room when they are older, but right now I value my sleep too much and don't want them waking each other up.

Sara said...

I shared a room until my oldest sister went to College and I moved into her room. I like the idea of shared rooms, I'm with you, I'd rather have a slightly smaller house and have my kids share rooms. :)

elise said...

Robyn - totally agree! I don't think I could do shared rooms with toddlers/babies.