real or fake?

people here seem to start christmas super early. like, everyone on our street has their lights up outside, and i can see trees through the window. it's not even december yet! but, i'm not complaining. steve and i are big into christmas too (listening to christmas music as i type), and tonight, we're getting our tree! funnily enough, this is the first time we'll be choosing out a tree together. and now that we're finally doing it, we can't decide if we want to buy real or fake. i'm all for a real tree, but worry that it won't last through christmas and that it will start a fire in our house (we constantly have to have heaters plugged in downstairs). a pre-lit christmas tree would be super easy to put up, and it lasts forever, but it's just not the same (no evergreen smell!) so, i want to know....which do you prefer?

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Robyn said...

We have a fake one, but I love real ones. Maybe one day we'll get a real one, but for now I just have a scentsy :)

Sara said...

I grew up with a fake tree, It's hard to find nice real trees in North Dakota. Eric's family always did real trees until one time when they were living in Georgia, their tree was infested with spiders. eegghh!!! So, since then they've done fake trees. haha

We have a fake tree and love it. It's pre-lit, so super easy to put up and decorate, plus, we know it will last all season long. You can always get something nice and pine-y smelling to plug in! :)

If you decide to go real this year, but want to do fake later, watch for good after-Christmas sales. We got our tree for 75% off at Wal-mart. ($88 tree for $22!)

Ace and Waleena...Two people, actually said...

In all truthfulness, in my opinion, a real tree is always best (remember the little one we got at Douthett?), but they have gotten so expensive! When we lived in Germany, they let us
clear areas of trees that needed culling for free. I can't get used to paying a fortune for a tree.
This year we are flying out to VA on Christmas day, so no tree for us. :(